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Original Text and Graphics Copyright 2015 by David Griffin,

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Busy Corner I

Judged from the number of post cards and photos, Utica's Busy Corner was a popular subject.  The businesses changed over the years, as did the facades for the stores.  But surprisingly not much else changed.  People, cars and the road surface,  from dirt to modern macadam.

I've tried to present these photos from the earliest times to present, but I'm sure I was not 100 percent successful.  For the photos and cards from the 1940's I borrowed an interesting paragraph from the Oneida Historical Society website that tells of the stores on the corner at that time.

I can't fit all the Busy Corner photos into one post, so we'll begin with the early shots up through about 1910. 

Looking west out Lafayette Street.

Looking up Genesee Street (south) from the center of the Busy Corner intersection.

Above, looking east out Bleecker Street.  On the left is the Bleecker Street Baptist Church and clock tower.

A parade for Sherman.  We're standing in vicinity of Columbia Street intersection with Genesee Street.  Notice Oneida Bank building right center.

Very fine resolution glass negative of the Busy Corner 

Zoomed in, there is still this amount of detail.

Another zoom view.  You can see the canal bridge.

Looking out Lafayette Street

Looking east out Bleecker St.

Looking south, up Genesee St.